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We are here for the students

Kingswood Primary has flexible teaching spaces allowing us to design a curriculum that meets the needs of the 3rd millennium learners.

Message from the School Council President

Kingswood Primary School is located in the heart of Dingley council president

Kingswood Primary School is the preferred destination for the education of children located within Dingley Village and adjacent communities such as Waterways, Braeside and Keysborough.

Selecting the right school for your child is an important decision for each parent. Enrolling your child with Kingswood Primary School will ensure your child is provided a safe, engaging, innovative and caring learning environment that will create a foundation for a successful life.

Kingswood Primary School prides itself on success in academic performance, progressive and innovative teaching approaches, modern facilities and an extensive range of extracurricular activities.  The school places a high emphasis on student wellbeing to ensure that your child is cared for to the highest standards.  Tailored individual student wellbeing and support is a hallmark of Kingswood Primary School, with access to a broad range of programs and support services to assist with individual needs.

The Principal, Rosemary Cosentino in consultation with the teachers enjoy taking a strong partnership approach towards the education of your child – and accordingly are warm, welcoming and ready to help.

Kingswood Primary School has a strong well-defined vision and purpose; that aspires to be a leading school in the region.  The vision and purpose is supported by a 4 year Strategic Plan that clearly defines the long term objectives and targets with a key focus on academic results, student engagement and student wellbeing.

The  School Council, comprising of elected parents, teachers, community members and the Principal, play an important role in setting the strategic direction for many aspects of the school’s activities such as curriculum, policy development, finance, community engagement and student wellbeing.  The School Council actively monitors progress against the objectives and targets in the Strategic Plan to ensure objectives are met.

Contact with School Council

Communication and engagement is a key ingredient to a successful school experience.  School Council is keen to hear from and take into account the views of the broader school community to help shape the future success of Kingswood.  Feedback, suggestions and enquiries from the community are welcome by contacting the School by telephone on 9551 1727, writing to the School Council by letter or emailing me directly at .  I welcome your contact and will respond to you in a prompt manner.

Simon Lees