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We are here for the students

Kingswood Primary has flexible teaching spaces allowing us to design a curriculum that meets the needs of the 3rd millennium learners.

Extra Curricular

Here at Kingswood we provide numerous opportunities to develop children beyond the classroom. Kingswood offers a plethora of additional extra curricular activities. Some of these include;

  • External music program – Music Corp
  • Karate
  • Southern Taekwondo
  • Energy Breakthrough (HPV)
  • Rubik Cube Club
  • Camps
  • Choir (Junior and Senior)
  • Limelight Drama
  • Sporting Clinics (tennis, rugby, basketball, golf, netball, cricket)
  • Kelly Sports
  • Coding Club
  • Chess Club
  • Soccer
  • ZART Art
  • Mindfulness Colouring
  • Green Team

Whilst supporting numerous extra curricular opportunities Kingswood is always open to new activities driven by passionate people


Why have camps?

Camps provide the students with the opportunity to:

  • Extend their intellectual and social development in an outside school environment experience socialisation, group cooperation and independence.
  • Take part in challenging activities that require decision-making and self reflection on consequences for both themselves and others.
  • Develop personal qualities such as resourcefulness, leadership, tolerance and determination.

Where do camps take place?

Camps are conducted in Years 6 and 4 during terms 2 and 4. Students in Year 4 attend a 3-day camp to Monbulk’s Log Cabin Ranch where students participate in a range of activities such as yabbying, damper making and bush walks.

The Year 6 students attend the Anglesea Recreation Camp for 4 days where they test their endurance, environmental knowledge and strength in the physically demanding activities.

Students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to attend a Surf Program in Term 1.


Karate Club

Karate Club held every Thursday 5.30-7.30 PM in the Multi Purpose Hall.

Swimming Program

Students from Prep – Year 4 have the opportunity to attend the swimming program. Year 5 & 6 students take part in an intensive 1-day swimming survival program.


Senior Choir

The Kingswood Senior Choir is for students in Years 3 to 6. Choir gives the students an opportunity to sing for a wide audience, performing in the community at local schools, preschools and shopping centres as well as at Kingswood events such as fetes and Twilight Carols evenings. We regularly collaborate with other local schools, performing for Music: Count Us In – an annual nationwide singing event. The Choir meets every Tuesday lunchtime in the Performing Arts Room at 1.00pm.

Junior Choir

The Kingswood Junior Choir is for students in Years Prep to 2. Junior Choir meets every Thursday lunchtime in the Performing Arts  Room at 1.00. The Junior Choir performs regularly at school assembly and at school events such as our annual Twilight Carols evening.

Chess Kids

Playing chess helps to develop critical thinking skills. Learning chess in a structured way can access the full benefits of problem solving skills, creativity, concentration, memory and decision making. The school’s Chess Club meets at lunchtime once a week during Term 3. Lessons are taken by a qualified Chess Teacher from Chess Kids. The giant chess kit is a favourite lunchtime outdoor activity and is available for all students to use.

1:1 iPad Program 2016

Literacy is Not Enough

Download  Literacy is Not Enough by Lee Watanabe Crockett from the iBooks library for free. The author has made it free to all parents at Kingswood Primary School.

Lee Watanabe Crockett was a keynote speaker at this years Kingswood ICT Conference. This book offers a wonderful insight into the fluencies that children require to survice in a 21st century global market place.

iPad Information Booklet

Download iPad Information Booklet

iPad Information Evening

Register Now

iPad / Chromebook Program 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to the revised iPad/Chromebook Program for 2017 in Grades 3-6. Please feel free to access the following guidebook with all relevant information about the program. We have also made available the information night video. We also have attached the suggested Chromebook models for 2017.

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”
- John Dewey

Parent iPad Information Evening Sept 1, 2016

Please feel free to use this information as a guide. If there are any changes to the program or process, all families will be notified through normal school communication channels. The following video is completely unedited.

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our 2016 iPad Program information. Please find attached the guidelines book for next years programs in Grades 3,4,5 and 6. It is important for parents of children entering Grade 5 to understand how ipads are used in the Grade 5 and 6 area as opposed to Grades 3 and 4 Program. The two program are slightly different and there is a stronger emphasis on their use.

First and formost it is important to stipulate that Grade 4 and 5 parents who attended a ThinkUKnow session in either 2013 or 2014 will not be required to complete the program again this year. All new parents joining the program for the first time will be required to attend the session to be held at 6.30pm on the 21st of October in Unit B Years 3&4 Building.


Early Term 4 Release of Program Documents and registration portal opens on the school website. ALL participating families must complete the online registration process for 2016

21st of October: Parent Cyber Safety Program delivered by ThinkUKnow. Attendance is manatory for all new parents to our program. Parents (who attended sessions at Kingswood Primary School or Asepndale Gardens Primary School and who registered their attendance) over the past 2 years are exempt.

Mid to Late Term 4 Parent Information Evening

Present to January 2016: 

1. Purchase Mini/iPad 4 or newer and Register On-line on this page for the 2016 Programs.

2. Set up an iTunes account on the iPad

3. Buy $40 of iTunes cards on sale (20%-30% off) and add to the iTunes account above

4. Ensure the device is running the latest iOS

5. iPad Levy Payment for 2016 – Monday 18th January – Have paid the iPad Levy online or at the office on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January and have your iPad connected to the school network on Friday the 22th January as long as all prerequites have been met.

Guidelines of the iPad Programs for both Grades 3 and 4 and the Grade 5 and 6 Program

Registration is Now Open

**Please remember that ALL steps must be completed prior to joining our network.**

Register by clicking the button below.