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We are here for the students

Kingswood Primary has flexible teaching spaces allowing us to design a curriculum that meets the needs of the 3rd millennium learners.


Literacy is alive! Kingswood Primary School is committed to improving student outcomes in Literacy from Foundation to Year 6.

Kingswood Literacy


The Daily 5 approach to Reading began implementation in Years Prep-4 in 2015. This approach ensures student proficiency in Spelling, Writing, Grammar and Punctuation is developed. There is an explicit reading strategy or skill taught each day through the C.A.F.E teaching model-Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and extended vocabulary.  Modelled, Shared, Guided, and Reciprocal Reading Approaches are implemented by all teachers to target whole class or small group needs. An extension of this model is developed in Years 5 and 6 with the introduction of Literacy Contracts. Students are also exposed to the Literature Circles as a means of building reading stamina, comprehension, and understanding of the Literary elements of texts.

All students P-6 have the opportunity to listen to competent readers such as the teacher, parent helpers or peers. Reading to self occurs daily in the junior school whilst our older students are building independent reading stamina through U.S.S.R time {Uninterrupted, Sustained, Silent, Reading time} Students engage with digital texts, with many classes now using QR Codes to access quality literature on iPads and laptops. Subscription to digital Literacy resources such as Literacy Planet, Study Ladder and Sunshine on-line are used in the classroom or assigned for Home Learning.

The reading programs at Kingswood are supported also with participation in the Premier’s Reading Challenge, Annual Book Fair, Take Home Reading program and Library sessions.


We love writing at Kingswood, so much, that we have made it a priority across the school. Explicit teaching of text types and writing conventions is planned to target the needs our students. A rigorous assessment schedule helps teachers determine the teaching focus and assist students with setting their own writing goals. The Writers’ Workshop Framework is used successfully in Years 3 and 4 and is now being trialled in Year 2. Across the school, THRASS is used as a tool to support students with developing spelling strategies and handwriting skills.

Sharron Cramer- Instructional Leader