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We are here for the students

Kingswood Primary has flexible teaching spaces allowing us to design a curriculum that meets the needs of the 3rd millennium learners.

Thinking Culture - Habits of Mind

                                          “Where we lay the foundations to success”

Introduction to the school: We are here for the students

Kingswood Primary is a P-6 school that strives to ensure that every student is powerfully literate, numerate and curious. We have a holistic view of student development that incorporates academic, social and emotional growth and a commitment to building partnerships by engaging the community.

Kingswood is proud to offer extensive facilities and programs, and a safe, challenging and supportive environment to our students, staff and community.

We work in a team environment and support each other to build the capacity of all teachers and we constantly remain open to continuous learning. Professional Development builds our capacity to deliver 21st Century learning opportunities that equip our students for global citizenship. Kingswood is renowned as leaders in education and our well-resourced school empowers students with the opportunity to take their learning and curiosity beyond the classroom walls.

A Thinking Culture

‘Learning is a process of thinking’ so our school promotes a Thinking Culture, and a high level of Student Engagement and Inquiry that is reinforced by Cultural Forces.

As a Habits of Mind Accredited School, we equip our students with 16 Habits of Mind strategies to overcome challenges. We believe “to get to easy sometimes you have to go through hard”.

Curiosity and Powerful Learning at Kingswood Primary School

Kingswood Primary is committed to our Curiosity and Powerful Learning journey which forms the foundation for our success. Our Teaching for Understanding Frameworks are constructed around key understandings, skills and knowledge to allow for a creative and analytical approach to student learning and connection to the real world. Learning intentions and Success Criteria protocols are established, and have become an integral part of our lessons.

Implementation of the Thinking Capabilities, as prescribed in the Victorian Curriculum,  provide a basis for curriculum planning, delivery and assessment, and strengthen our commitment to building Powerful Teaching, and Powerful Learning.

In 2016, we have begun initial implementation of Genius Hour, Makey Makey and Solution Fluency as an extension to, student voice, choice, curiosity and engagement.

As our school song suggests “We have it all here at Kingswood”.