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We are here for the students

Kingswood Primary has flexible teaching spaces allowing us to design a curriculum that meets the needs of the 3rd millennium learners.

Principal Class Professional Learning Community

Aaron Cox


Tracy Skiba

Assistant Principal

Megan Franklyn

Acting Assistant Principal

Administration Professional Learning Community

Catherine Palmer

Business Manager

Jo Howells

Office Administration

Liliane Karidis

Office Administration

Prep Professional Learning Community

Erin Hamilton

Prep H & PLC Leader

Amy Cameron

Prep C Teacher

Neena Hunt

Prep N Teacher

Sarah Haig

Prep S Teacher

Year 1 Professional Learning Community

Karen Dissegna

1D & PLC Leader

Rachel Fisher-White

1F Teacher

Jacqueline Smedley

1J Teacher

Ryan Nugent

1N Teacher

Elinor Hansen

1S Teacher

Erin Plowman

1S Teacher

Year 2 Professional Learning Community

Monique Driscoll

2D Teacher & PLC Leader

Katie Bennett

2B Teacher

Lisa Devereaux

2L Teacher

Kara Bogicevic

2S Teacher

Ilisa Cooper

2S Teacher

Year 3 Professional Learning Community

Leanne Taylor

3T Teacher & PLC Leader

Tim Blamires

3B Teacher

Sarah Joseph

3K Teacher

Year 4 Professional Learning Community

Michael Wall

4W Teacher & PLC Leader

Lucy Chesters

4C Teacher

Stefanie Rossiter

4R Teacher

Year 5 Professional Learning Community

Sarah Rohan

5R Teacher & PLC Leader

Kyle Moldrich

5M Teacher

Natalie Selisher

5N Teacher

Julia Clemente

5S Teacher

Bree Morgan

5S Teacher

Year 6 Professional Learning Community

Jenna Herbert

6H Teacher & PLC Leader

Katie Airey

6A Teacher

Stephen Woolfe

6W Teacher

Specialist Professional Learning Community

Kerry Eeckman

Visual Arts Teacher

Alice Windley

Visual Arts Teacher

Liz Scott

Garden Specialist

Sharron Cramer

Science, Thinking & PLC Leader

Teizo Kato

Languages Teacher (Japanese)

Janet McLean

Engineering Teacher

Sonia Nista

Kitchen Specialist & Intergration Aide

Linsey Paguio

Digital Technologies Teacher

Narelle Vella

Performing Arts Teacher

Luke Bennett

Physical Education Teacher

Linda Hawkless

Literacy Intervention & PLC Link

Marina Kallinikos

Literacy Intervention

Sharon Lomas

English Learning Specialist

Inclusion Professional Learning Community

Katrina Sargent

Integration Aide Leader

Alba Galban

Intergration Aide

Emily Hoey

Integration Aide

Chantelle Stoner

Integration Aide

Education Support Professional Learning Community

Lucie Hill

Library Technician

Andrew Broussard

Department Technician

Nick Beattie

ICT Technician

Shane Webster

ICT Technician