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We are here for the students

Kingswood Primary School Parents’ Club

Kingswood’s Parent Club meets monthly, in the evening, at the school.  We discuss fundraising, social and service events for the school.

What do you do at the Parents’ Club Meetings?

At meetings, we discuss and plan fundraising, service and social events. We are presented with a report from our school council representative and also a report from our principal. We are kept informed about many things that are happening around the school. Parent club members respect the opinion of others and we invite you to join us and help make our events be the best they can.  Our meetings usually run between 60-90minutes.

What else does the Parents’ Club do?

The Parent Club organises several major fundraising activities through the year: The Kingswood Kids’ Challenge, the Cadbury chocolate drive, the disco and the school trivia night, which we hold bi-annually, just to name a few. We also organise the Prep Orientation BBQ, a social get together at the start of the year, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day stalls.

So what are achievements of the Parents’ Club? 

Each year the Parent Club raises money for the school. Fundraising through Parent Club helped pay for the school hall our children use every week. Last year funds raised went towards the improvement of the oval, including a 4 lane running track. This year we are working towards building a bike shed, to encourage more children to ride to school.  We have also donated a guillotine & electric pencil sharpeners to the art room, which will be used by all at the school for many years to come. Our fundraising is just one of the reasons you are able to send your children to a school as well equipped as Kingswood. 

What would I have to do if I joined? 

You can choose how much you help; you can help at 1 event or help at all the events. Helping with an event can range from organising, setting up, packing up and helping on the day.

I have small children, will it be a problem? 

No, we often have young children around during our events, and we welcome everyone to help at our fundraising, social and service events.

When do you meet? 

We meet monthly on a Wednesday evening at 7.15pm, in the staff room. The date of the next meeting is always included in the school newsletter.

If you have any further questions please come and speak to one of our committee members.

Alternatively, you can email the Parent Club at with the subject header ‘Parent Club’.

If you wish to join parent club, you can also email us.