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We are here for the students


At Kingswood Primary School we encourage our students to believe that there is a mathematician in all of us. We value lifeworthy learning which promotes the use of Habits Of Mind and thinking strategies in order to solve a range of real world problems.

Our Mathematics program is based on the Victorian Curriculum and is divided into Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. The teaching and learning at Kingswood focuses on developing:

  • depth of conceptual understanding through¬†the use of a concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach
  • procedural and strategic fluency by learning to select from increasingly efficient processes
  • problem-solving by engaging in open and challenging learning tasks
  • mathematical reasoning by enabling students to make¬†their thinking visible and share the strategies that they have use to solve problems

Mathematics teaching is differentiated to provide just the right amount of challenge for students and to progress their learning from their point of need.

We implement a consistent school wide lesson structure:

Number Fluency – Short maths game/activity to tune in to mathematical thinking

Launch – Explicit teaching of concept or skill.

Discover – Time for children to explore concept/skill independently or in a small group through problem solving activities.

Summarise – An opportunity to reflect on our learning, to summarise what we have learnt, what was difficult or what we might do next time.