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We are here for the students

Kitchen Garden Program

Kingswood Primary School is a proud Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program school.


Teaching children to grow, harvest, prepare and share their own fruit and vegetables is proven to have a positive impact on the food choices students make. This learning extends beyond the classroom – research shows that engaged, excited students are likely to share their new skills with their family. Within our extensive garden and kitchen, students are given all the skills, experiences and role modelling they need to learn to love their veggies and make healthier choices about what to cook and eat, for life.




Here is a taste of what our students have had to say about the program:

I really enjoyed this delicious, astonishing meal! It was so good that I would definitely make it at home! I’m so glad I tried this!

It was so good I could eat it all!

– Zeta




This year we have been making dishes from seasonal produce. One of our favourite dishes was pasta and the bread. We learnt about different fruit and vegetables and how they grow. We learnt table manners and how to be safe in the kitchen.
Thank you to Sonia and all the parent helpers throughout the year for making kitchen fun and enjoyable for us. Thank you, we can’t wait till next year.

– Georgia, Izzie, Mikayla, Jackson H, Issy, Amalie, Cooper